About Sue

I’m a playful Midwestern girl who loves hard work as much as having fun. When I’m not creating images, you might see me at the movies with my kids, taking time away on another camping adventure, on a walk or riding my bike on the greenway.
My desire to be my best makes an early riser out of me! When I photograph a wedding or portrait session I am often thrilled and nervous all at the same time. Perhaps I challenge myself to do better each time just a bit too much.
I know that the fleeting moments at a wedding or between family members during a portrait session may well become a family heirloom gifted from one generation to the next. I was gifted a talent which I pursued with intense training, and I truly feel that I have discovered what I was always meant to do. It is a great comfort knowing some of my work may be enjoyed and, perhaps, treasured well past my lifetime’s work.
My greatest wish is to create a fun experience for your family which they will never forget as well as images which show how much you love your family and how much fun you have delighting in them!
What do you like to do? Who do you love to be with? What do you want to create together?
It brings me great joy meeting new and exciting people. I have worked many years creating compelling stories for couples and their families.
I genuinely can’t wait to meet you and see what it is that ignites your passions.
Sue Rakes Photography offers personalized service for each your wedding or family portrait session. You will enjoy your experience and I guarantee your satisfaction!
Each and every bride, groom, portrait client and pet will be offered a unique and individual experience yielding an essay-styled set of images which preserve each subject’s most cherished moments in a poetic and artful collection.
Sue’s work has been published and has been on exhibit Nationally and Internationally.
Sue has been awarded a Master of Photography from the Professional Photographers of America, a distinguished award granted to an elite 3% of PPA members worldwide.
Her awards include, among many Best of Shows, Fuji Masterpiece Award, the Best Wedding Album of the Year Award, and multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. Sue has been fine-tuning her craft for the last 15 years with technical training at one of the best photography schools in the Country and National, Regional and local updated training, now offering her own workshops and classes for other professional photographers.
Her artistry “captures the essence of the scene or moment, and her photos captivate the viewer”. “Great work seems so natural and “right” that the role of the artist is not conspicuous, as if they just channeled into existence something that belonged all along. Sue’s photographs welcome the viewer into that moment in that place without calling attention to the genius of her craft. The beauty speaks, for itself, through Sue’s medium.” T.S. Clark, Ph.D
A NOTE on Weddings
Nearly 20 years ago, before I started my career as a wedding photographer I got married and hired a budding photographer friend, fresh out of school, because I had a super limited wedding budget. Looking back I regret my poor decision. My own mom and grandfather died not long after our wedding celebration. I have very few pictures of me and my mom. I cannot get those back, ever! I did not have the foresight or awareness to even consider this very real possibility back then. Needless to say, there were lots of missed family pictures on that very special day when everyone was dressed up, happy and together! Fast forward 20 years. Learning from my own experience and making it an opportunity for others I am a Wedding Photographer who cares.  I put a lot of thought, combined with years of education and experience, into my wedding photography. I know how important those family pictures are now and always will be for your family and future generations!  See more about our wedding prices.
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