Notes From Happy Subjects

Would you like a recommendation from people just like yourself who were looking for a Raleigh Wedding photographer, or a Raleigh Portrait Photographer?

Amanda's recommendation of us as her Raleigh wedding photographerI understand that you are investing years of savings into your wedding.  You want to hire professionals who will suit you and do the best job they possibly can.  This is your only time to do this right and you have not done it before.  I get it.  How do you know if you are hiring the right folks?  Ask around, get referrals, use your gut instinct when talking with your professional.

When I am working with a couple and their family I want them to trust that I am showing them in their best ight!  When people are at ease they look genuine.  That is what we want to show.  If the folks we work with feel confident in us then they will look fabulous!  So we want them to meet us, talk with others and find that comfort.  You might not know us yet.  Perhaps a few testimonials and recommendations will help.   These are the exact notes we received from folks we have worked with!  And when people have taken the time to tell us how we are doing, we have heard these exact sentiments.

Amanda and Jennifer found us online, gave us a call, and then set up a time to chat with us.  We looked at albums and photos together, and we listened to everything they wanted and were looking for.  Amanda and Jennifer decided to choose us as their Raleigh photographer.

We constantly hear wonderful things from each person we photograph!  Here are just a few LOVE NOTES we have received recently!

Amanda Sanders, Greenville, NC

Sue is an absolute dear, felt like part of the family. I was super unorganized for our wedding; she helped us come up with a great plan and executed it very well. My guests really enjoyed her – she is very thorough. She even spoke with our pastor to ask him about flash during the ceremony, stuff like that, she thinks about everything.

Sue drove two hours to our wedding location. Not only was she on time, she had arrived hours ahead of schedule to familiarize herself with her area, lighting etc. We have some one-of-a-kind shots because of it.

I am a Graphic Designer by education so i have a real critical eye for photography, I’m extremely picky. She will do whatever you ask of her, but if you give her a little freedom (i gave her total control on ours) she will blow you away. It’s inspired, dynamic and it tells a story.

i hope you went to her website and saw some of the photos from my wedding, you know, get a face with a name. At the bottom of her site under Archives click August 2011. We are the second post “Washington Civic Center..” I’m so proud.Amanda gives us her referral as Raleigh's Wedding Photographer

I really hope that i have at least compelled you to consider her further. The food, flowers, decorations etc. won’t last, and honestly won’t be remembered. (i honestly couldn’t tell you what we ate) but your photography will last generations.  I can’t imagine what treasures i would be holding if i chose a different photographer. I would highly recommend Sue;  that will be one decision that you will not regret.  🙂

Best of Luck! Don’t forget to have fun!!!

 Amanda Sanders

Greenville, NC

another referral for us wedding photographerJennifer Merritt Depew, Hillsborough, NC

First let me say that we had no real intention of getting a professional photographer. I registered at one of those online wedding sites for kicks and Sue found me. When I checked her website out of curiosity, I immediately replied to her that I could not afford her “eye”. I was very attracted to the candid and natural shots she captured. They are so rich and deep. She said we should get together and talk. When my husband (then fiancee) met her for lunch she brought some albums to look at. I was originally turned off by “albums” because I did not want traditional, common or ordinary and most albums just look that way to me.a Raleigh photographer recommendation

Sue showed me/us a whole new world. Photography is her craft and she is very gifted. Sometimes I may seem a little difficult because I know what I want and stay pretty true to my vision. Sue immediately understood what I meant when I told her that I wanted something unusual and organic. I wanted real, not posed photographs. She explained things in such a way that I had to have her as our photographer even if I/we did not order an album; which was again, our original intention. Afterward of course, I had to have the album. She waited for a while for us to come up with the money to buy it, with no pressure and when it was done…well, I still make people wash their hands and sit before they touch it. 🙂 It is unique, gorgeous, and with all of the photos combined and the way they are laid out, they tell a beautiful story of that day.

As far as reliable and on time, she is the ultimate professional without being rigid. I could not have asked for a better experience and truly cannot imagine anyone but her photographing our happiest day. She collaborates well and takes nothing for granted. She is intuitive to the needs of her clients and I cannot say enough about her art. She really does have an eye for the poignant moments, and she has the patience of a saint. She loves her work and it is obvious.

Please feel free to call me and if you get a chance to see one of her albums and hold it, talk to her about her craft, she will do whatever it takes to take care of your daughter, the bride. This would be one decision that you would not have to worry about. Again, I truly can not say enough about how wonderful she is to work with. She is wonderful. I hope this helps.

Jennifer Merritt Depew

Hillsborough, NC


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