Well, when I have a camera in my hand I am always photographing, constantly scanning for the next action and its reaction, looking for the light, and composing scenes in my mind’s eye!  We believe our most compelling images come from natural, genuine and warm moments that are true and real.   We believe your wedding day isn’t about our photography- it’s about you, your family connections and all of that warmth that is around you!    To get a feel for what we “see” during the wedding day, visit more of our posts from the weddings we’ve photographed more recently.

While we can capture genuine moments of your wedding day, we also value having relaxed archival portraits of the important people in your life (who often drive many miles to be with you and your family-a fabulous historical event).  For some couples it might be just one large group shot of all the guests, and for others it might be several smaller family groups that mom and grandma are depending upon.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, so we will work together with you to create images which reflect what is most important to you and your family.   Most families opt to spend about 20-40 minutes on posed portraits after their ceremony and then we are off to the reception!

Yes, we accept all forms of payment.

We average somewhere between 1200-1400 images per wedding depending on the number of hours we are there – which is WAY too many images to wade through for the average bride and groom!  We pick the photographer’s choice of images from our weddings to total around 300-500 images, which average more than a photo a minute.  You can be certain your event will be well documented and you will have lots of images to choose from.  We often hear our brides tell us it was difficult to choose which images they wanted to print and display in their home.  It may be very difficult to pick, but that is a super good thing, right?  Just go ahead and print them all!

Absolutely!  Most of our recent wedding posts have a link to a slide show or gallery with even more images from that wedding!

Sure!  Our album designing process starts with a sample design created from a collection of favorite images we know you love and the ones we did artwork on to enhance and become the image we imagined from them moment we saw it!  We then work together with you to customize our design to best reflect your preferences before we finish it send it off to print. Most often it is simply a matter of switching placement of an image or adding one more family image the bride loves of her family.  If you are a graphic designer, a photographer or have an artistic nature, and you would prefer to design your own album, we are happy to let you create your own design while still being able to order a professionally printed high quality album only available to professional photographers!  The following designs are for flush mount albums.
Our Willow Album

Our Family Book

Shannon and Scott’s Art Album-The Magnolia

Shannon and Mike’s Signature Album

Sheba’s Wedding-The Magnolia

Jennifer’s Art Album-The Magnolia


The first thing we do is make a photographer’s choice of your images based on your preferences, and then depending on the customized coverage/wedding package you selected we will do some artwork on several images, post a few of our favorite  images with artwork on our website (as a sneak peek), prepare a fabulous slide show of our favorites to show you at our studio in our projection room and review your show and gallery of images together,  post your art worked or original images for you/guests to order online from our professional lab and send directly to you/them, and then do a sample design on an album for you.  Communication is an important part of our process!  As you can see we spend many hours in post-processing to finish your images.  You will get to make the choice as to how finished you will want your photos, and this is one of the most valuable parts of our professional service to you!

Yes, our print license for our work allows you to print and display images for your personal use, which will be included directly on your DVD.  Your friends and family are welcome to order prints directly from our online proofing site under CLIENTS.  We post your images for a few weeks after your wedding, and ship prints directly to those who order…leaving you more time to enjoy your new life and writing all of those thank you notes!

I can be modest and understand how difficult it can be to find a female photographer for an intimate portrait session.  Because of this, we do offer boudoir photography to a limited number of clients.

I do prefer to carry my own gear so I can access a different lens quickly and not miss a what I see happening in the perspective I want to present it in, but I may have someone with me holding lights or my extra camera at the ready.  The artistry of Photography hits a part of my brain which is not rational and mutes the communicative part of my brain so I like to minimize trying to cross over to that part of my brain and just focus on creating and composing!  I do not like to call attention to the camera in a paparazzi way.  I strive for natural expressions and feel we get more of those with less photographers present.  Besides, what wedding have you been to recently which did not already have over 50 point and shoots going off most of the time?  YIKES!  I hate to add to the number more than necessary.  However, some weddings may benefit greatly from having a second photographer on hand, which can be determined when we discuss your wedding plans.  Our first meeting will help us determine most of what we need to know to make your coverage exactly what you need.  If you’re a photographer inquiring about shadowing me on the job, please contact me to set up a meeting!

Green has recently been revived as my favorite color, and we have painted our home and studio primarily in shades of green, but being green is a way of life for us:  it is our family’s lifestyle.  I work daily to teach my children how to live in an environmentally friendly way (just ask any one of them).  Here are a few ways in which we are conserving our natural resources and reducing waste in our work and home life:

– Electronic documents, faxes, and contracts
– Energy-saving light bulbs used only when natural light isn’t available
– Rechargeable batteries
– Digital online proofing, ordering, and direct delivery
– Recycled paper products in books and albums
– Re purposing other furniture to make it useful in the office and studio
– Reused and reusable packaging products
– Webcam/Phone/Email interviews to help reduce our carbon footprint
– Electronic statements and online billing
– Merging our Studio and Presentation Room into our home to maximize use of our existing carbon footprint
– Develop existing outdoor areas as our Outdoor Portrait Gardens
– Take our Families, Couples and Pets out to our Portrait Gardens and on the trail to offer our families’ kids fun, appreciation and stewardship of our public lands

Yes!  I am located centrally in Raleigh NC and charge no additional amount for weddings/portraits within 200 miles.  If you know me at all you know how much I love to travel and am familiar with our State and surrounding areas (and far away too).  I travel often so it is quite possible to incorporate an out-of-State trip with a more distant portrait or engagement session.  I frequently travel across the country and do keep my passport current for international adventures.


– I received my Masters of Photography from PPA a few years ago in only 5 years!  Only 3 percent of the members of PPA have earned a Masters of Photography, and many of those professional photographers spend much of their career working to earn their credits and competition merits to obtain their Masters.  So far I am most proud of this award as it came from peers in the industry, but seeing tears stream down on my brides and mom’s faces gives me even more joy!
– Today I stay moving forward with photography trends by regularly participating in professional photography workshops and seminars, being an active member of several professional photography organizations like PPA, DWF, and PPNC.  I attend an annual State and National convention each year, and I feel as though the best training experiences I have had have been my daily encounters with couples and families who ask for something different and challenge me with unique requests!  I will never stop growing both creatively as an artist and technically as a photographer!
– Photography is in my blood apparently.  My great grandmother was a pioneer, the First Female Quaker Minister, and the town’s photographer in Deadwood.  I received my first real camera in 2nd grade, a Brownie.
– Growing up, I was always drawn to the fine arts and craved cultural exposure which my mother indulged.  I was particularly interested in people and their reactions.
– I learned the technical side of photography at UNC-Chapel Hill in Physics classes, graduated and then attended The Photography Dept of RCC in Asheboro.  My RB67 and I became best friends and my fondness of film and medium format photography became an obsession.
– In college I studied Psychology but spent my nights in the Union developing film and prints in the dark as they locked up and had no idea I was even there.
– After auditing a design class at RCC I finally felt I had found what I was meant to do and finally had the courage and will to do it!  Word spread and with the support and encouragement of my friends and family, I began to pursue my passion as a full-time career.
– Before committing entirely to my art, other full-time professional photographers invited me to join their professional organizations and started giving me multiple awards.  In my first State competition I was .3 points away from receiving the highest average on entries and being awarded the Photographer of the YEAR!  That was over 10 years ago and I am much honored when my peers think I’m doing great things, because they are some mighty tough judges!

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