Pet Portrait-Pet Photography with Bailey in Raleigh

Congratulations to Bailey and Laurie who WON our “Who is the Cutest Pet?” contest!  It is no wonder why.

Bailey is as sweet and affectionate as she is cute and fast.  Here are our favorite images of Bailey (and Laurie)  from our Pet Portrait Session together.  This is the collection of images Laurie selected from our design session together and we feel these images best show Bailey’s personality.  We are loving Pet Photography in Raleigh and have posted more action here from our second session.

a sweet and unassuming Bailey

and a pensive Bailey looking out over the front yard

and here is a happy mom, Laurie

Bailey is confident and assured with mom

We rated who was the cutest pet by how many votes each pet got (including comments and likes).  Bailey had a total of 56 comments after Laurie posted her image and 39 “likes”.  Thank you to everyone who participated and voted.  In our books, Bailey will always be a winner, no matter what!  Can’t wait to see you guys again next week.