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The Great Room  at the Top of the Hill Restaurant, in Chapel Hill is our featured venue today.  Thinking it might be fun to begin sharing our couple’s finished wedding albums on their anniversary I decided to share Allyson and Travis’ pages.  I remember meeting with Allyson and Travis one sunny fall day in Chapel Hill on a game day!  Two former athletes themselves, I found it interesting that their wedding followed another big UNC game day – but this was a quiet Sunday morning.  It was one of those unexpected nice days in September after many days flooded in pouring rain.  Cloudy, with clear Carolina Blue patches, love and family!  Click here to see our original post with different images which did not make the final cut into Allyson’s wedding album.

These former UNC athletes decided to return “home” to get married.  They shared their beloved University locale with friends and family who came from as far as California. Elana Walker of Savoir Faire, Event Planning & Management help them ease the tricky pieces together.  Planning a long distance wedding is never easy.

Our couple incorporated extra time to stroll on the UNC Campus as a newly married couple.  Their family, friends and bridal party, who were also former graduates, joined them.  We were able to create some fabulous images to tell this couple’s special story!

Allyson got ready at the Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel and Travis chose to be with his family at The Siena Hotel.

University Florist always rocks the prettiest collection of flowers for every Chapel Hill Wedding!

After the ceremony, the bridal party walked to the Arboretum.  Allyson and Travis’ family shuttled in to meet us for family pictures.  How fun!

Allyson had great vendors including Sugarland in Chapel Hill.  They baked and decorated her stunning and delicious Carolina wedding cake.

Our lovely couple decided to to spend their first night as a married couple at the ever-elegant and traditional Carolina Inn.  What a picturesque ending for their wedding album.

What a blessed couple and family.  We loved working with everyone.  Happy Anniversary to this sweet couple.  Here is their wedding story!


The Great Room wedding album cover

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