A Home Wedding Raleigh NC

A home wedding can be one of the most personalized, intimate locations for a wedding.  Not only is it practical but it is a nice option to a hotel, park, country club, or social hall.  Each formal venue can have its own limits and rules while a bride’s personal home can be customized exactly as a family might dream.  A home wedding will take a great deal of work and planning.  Here is a great link discussing more on this topic.  But you will see from this wedding that it is well worth every bit of it! Dillan and Pete held their wedding and reception at Dillan’s childhood home and it was quite lovely and lively.  Mom and Dad were obviously some experienced hosts.  The International collection of guests was quite large as Pete hails from UK and Dillan spent many years abroad during her years studying.  What better way to share your wedding celebration with your English new family and friends from afar? Dillan’s mom and dad pulled all of the stops with their gardening, landscaping and culinary skills.  The ceremony location was quite a feast for the eyes on this lovely Spring afternoon and the reception was an intimate experience.  A bar area was even created for dancing and enjoying after the home-made feast! Dillan grew up in an historic home which added further charm to their wedding location. What a warm and intimate celebration of the union of two unique individuals! This home wedding was so welcoming and friendly for all of the out of town friends and family who came as far as they did to share in Dillan and Pete’s joyful wedding. I know everyone who left this special night felt like new members in Dillan and Pete’s families. I was so happy to be a part of this joyful occassion. I do love a good wedding!
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