Downtown Art with Architects of Air, Swoon and Art on the Edge!

This was just the coolest thing going this weekend! I truly felt like I was in a big artsy mega-city when I went downtown to meet a friend who was documenting an art event this Saturday. David is the Artful Travelerfor the NC Arts Council.

Everything was staged in front of the Performing Arts Center. The weather has been so pleasant for the last few weeks that it has not felt like the dreaded dog days of August for me….so going downtown this weekend was not out of the question.

I met up with David who then interviewed the organizer who was lovely and full of spirit. I soon discovered why.

We were escorted into the Architects of Air exhibit which was run by Art on the Edge (who had funding from the Arts Council). This huge colorful, soft, womb-like journey into many chambers was out of this planet! I could have enjoyed its calming oddity for hours and spent quite a bit of time doing some people watching too. I bet it would have been neat at night too (I heard it had an entirely different feel at night from within).

After enjoying the exhibit for a bit we headed over to see the Swoon show near the fountain. TONS of people were gathered for the show. Some athletic wonders were atop at least 50 foot poles swaying and moving in a wonderfully choreographed dance-like show with great music. What fun! They were doll-like (resembling puppets) in their presentation.

There was quite a long line wrapped around the area for the exhibit and an amusing man was hired (I believe) to entertain the patient visitors. This man kept me watching for at least 30 minutes and I was not even in line, I was leaving. He had quite a show!

ART is such a great big word for me (nearly indefinable, except to say how I FEEL when I see or experience it in some format)….being a part of something this wonderful (and I only saw a few hours of a full weekend of fun) opens my heart and soul even more to new things and warm experiences. I am so grateful for the wonderful contributors, planners and artists who brought us joy for a few hours downtown this weekend. Thanks!