Raleigh Family Portraits with Pets

Well it is Family Photography and Family Portrait time again this season in Raleigh….the best pictures and photos of the year happen once things cool down, the leaves change color and families have thoughts of Thanksgiving and Christmas dancing in their heads.  It is time for family portraits and pet portraits for Christmas Cards and Christmas Videos!

We have been having a blast taking our groups of moms, dads, their children and their pets outside, down to the river, and out in the woods for fun together.  This is Jack’s family.  Jack is a bundle of powerful fun and keeps his mom and dad in line and looking good with him.

family outdoor with pet

If you have a pet and want a great family portrait we urge you to bring your dog because we feel your pet is an important part of  your family.  We love working with pets in our pet portraits and adding your furry love makes the whole experience and even greater memory.

formal family with pet on rock in fall

You would never beleive how sweet Jack and his dad, Royce are, as tough as they appear to be on the outside.

jack boxer dog portraitfamily next to tree for portrait with petcircle of love from atop group picture

We love to play with different viewing perspectives with our groups and this one was particularly fun and flattering.  Jack was a dancing trooper and so were his humans who did not mind getting wet with him.pet dog blinks

have you ever seen a dog blink?  they do too, just like us humans.

couple with dog in backgroundcouple with fine art look

In every portrait session we do at the beach, in Raleigh, or anywhere we go we like to try to get at least one nice fine art image and play with it.  This offers something they may have never imagined and we can do some really cool artwork to it to finish it off for a museum quality print.

black and white of couple with pet family portrait

Rachel and Royce, and especially our new friend Jack, we wish you were here longer in our fair city of Raleigh and had fun creating cool pictures for us to design your Christmas Card to send to everyone back home in Arkansas!  So much fun!  Be safe this Thanksgiving on the road and see you all soon.