Pine Lake Pavilion Wedding | Burlington

Well, another gorgeous outdoor wedding with a fabulously pretty bride,  Ashely, marrying a Marine named Justin at the Pine Lake Pavilion near Burlington Mebane area in NC.  This visually pleasing venue has a lake, tons of land surrounding it, nice huge tent and great bathrooms for all of your guests!  Really!  I would love to get married here.  So many great guests, good views, fun music, interesting weather, and a happy couple!  Click here for more of our wedding images.


This wedding was like many this summer where the weather and clouds loomed before the ceremony, but waited until the ceremony was finished, the guests safely inside and the reception started to let loose of the heavy water-laden clouds… poured and poured and poured the entire reception which was cool in some ways.  But because it was a tent the doors and flaps had to be closed because of the heavy rain so there was little air movement much of the evening, making it hot and humid inside….great for a light rain though!  What great fun this couple had at the Pine Lake Pavilion.